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Culprits stoning cars along Felipe Carrillo Puerto-Muyil highway

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Drivers along the Felipe Carrillo Puerto-Muyil highway south of Tulum have reported having rocks thrown at their vehicles in an attempt to stop and rob them.

A motorists driving that section of highway says that culprits on a section of the highway near Felipe Carrillo Puerto hide in bushes until they hear an oncoming vehicle. They then appear and begin throwing stones in an attempt to stop vehicles to rob them.

One of the assaulted drivers cautioned other drivers to “Be very careful when traveling on the federal highway Tulum – Felipe Carrillo Puerto, subjects throw stones to be able to assault those who pass through that route.

“From Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Muyil they are assaulting cars about 3 kilometers from Crucero Chumpón. Last Tuesday I had that experience. There are 4 guys who come out to throw stones at you so you stop and they can steal.”

The initial report was made by media outlet Telesur Yucatán. There has not been any word or warning from police.