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Costa Maya businessmen say entire sargassum barrier is needed to deflect seaweed

Costa Maya, Q.R. — The Costa Maya Association has said that the 500 meters of anti-sargassum barriers installed are insufficient. Association President Rodolfo Espadas Ixte says the region needs the entire barrier to be installed to prevent the algae from continuing to make landfall.

He is urging authorities to continue with its installation, saying that the 500 meters they have installed is not preventing sargassum landfall along Costa Maya beaches. Not only do the beaches become covered in seaweed, they are also being damaged.

Espadas Ixte said that the Navy, who is responsible for placing the state’s sargassum barriers, has only placed about 500 meters which is proving insufficient to contain the macro algae.

“We, the businessmen of Mahahual, have already prepared ourselves. Many have already put up their own handmade barriers which otherwise is working, but it is necessary for the Secretary of the Navy to expedite the installation of the barriers,” he explained.

He noted that the sargassum has been arriving since January, which is why they asked that the barriers be placed sooner than usual.

“We see that the mayor was in Mahahual recently. They go, they clean, they collect the sargassum, but that is not the solution because even if you clean it, the sargassum comes back,” he said.