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Coparmex says Presidential project of southern growth makes Tulum airport viable

Tulum, Q.R. — A Presidential projection of growth in the south of the state is what makes the Tulum International Airport viable reports Coparmex. Marc Pujol Folch, President of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) Riviera Maya says the state is betting on increased growth, which is where the confidence lies in the construction of the Tulum airport.

His words came after earlier in the week, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) issued a statement warning the Secretary of Defense (Sedena) that the airport would not draw demand mostly due to its proximity to the Cancun International Airport.

According to AITA, Tulum does not have the necessary road infrastructure or demand to support another airport, saying the region is not large enough, however, Coparmex (Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana) Riviera Maya says that after construction, there is projected growth in a demand for flights.

Folch says they trust in the Presidential project because it will support the transport of tourists in the southern part of Riviera Maya, which is far from the Cancun airport.

“From Playa to the Cancun airport it is 60 kilometers. To Tulum (it will be) another 20. It is an hour and a half or two from the airport. We know that every once in awhile, Cancun expands with a new terminal, which is something that will continue since the airport is saturated, so then logically, the one in Tulum will help to avoid saturation and allow more flights,” he said.

He also said that to date, there has not been any meeting with a federal authority to address the issue of the Tulum International Airport, which is being built by the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena).