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City says remodeling of Playa’s Fifth Avenue continues

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen city council says that the modernization efforts of Fifth Avenue continues with the increase in supply of materials needed to move forward in the completion stage of the months-long project.

In a press release, the municipality of Solidaridad explained that the completion procedure will be carried out once the removal of the old adocreta and new underground facilities are finished. They report that electric lines, optic fiber for the C4 cameras, lines for internet service and the six-inch pipe with branch extensions for future natural gas intakes, are some of the in-ground additions being added.

In areas that are not yet sealed with the new finished walkway, the earthwork, filling and compaction of material, leveling and, where appropriate, change of covers continues along with the planting of native trees.

The city says in addition to generating around 250 sources of employment, this project gives us a new, more modern and sustainable image by favoring the preservation of nature.

Last month, a 10-day delay was announced due to the lack of material. Architect Alfredo Muñoz explained at the time, there was only material to complete fourth to sixth streets for the end of August