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Remodeling of Fifth Avenue delayed due to material shortage

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — After two and a half months of work on the remodeling of Fifth Avenue, a 10-day delay has been announced. The delay is the result of a lack of material says Architect Alfredo Muñoz.

He reports that only the section of streets from fourth to sixth are with material, adding that the delay in the delivery of more material continues. “I estimate that they are 10 days behind schedule because there are streets starting from Avenida Juárez and up to Calle 4 that have zero progress,” he stressed.

As of now, there is only material to complete fourth to sixth streets for the end of August, he said. However, the mayor predicted that on September 15, the first stage that includes up to 6th Street would be finished. Businesses in the area have commented that the company is understaffed.

The area surrounding Parque Los Fundadores is expected to be complete in the first week of December.