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City council working on ways to remove private access into public beach at Playacar Phase I

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The municipality of Solidaridad is working on ways to remove the private access and security booths from the public roadway in Playacar Phase I.

On Thursday, the legal director of the city council of Solidaridad René Medrano Ríos, explained how he arrived at the gate in a private vehicle and was asked for identification before being allowed to pass on a public roadway.

He says his experience verified imposed restrictions that the administration of Playacar Phase I maintains in streets and avenues that lead to a public beach access, even though administration denied the restriction.

Medrano Ríos says, “I arrived in a common car. There was no (city) logo and saw how they obstructed our access. The reality is legal here. It’s a tolerance that has been ongoing with this division, as with many more in Solidaridad, for many decades.

Medrano Ríos says that according to a copy of the agreement, it does not limit access to the beach and/or the archaeological remains that are inside Playacar. However, Alma Rodríguez Peña, a member of the administration, says that it is for the safety of the inhabitants of Playacar Phase I.

Medrano Ríos explained that although Playacar Phase II is privately owned under a condominium regime, Playacar Phase I is restricting free passage with booths on a private roadway. He urges people to enforce the right of free transit to enter Playacar Phase I, which is a demarcation with municipal streets.

He added that they are analyzing ways to remove the booths and not renewing a similar agreement with the administrators of Playacar Phase I.

In January, the municipality of Playa del Carmen initiated legal proceedings against Paraíso for denying public beach access while last week, the undersecretary of Planning and Tourism Policy of the Government of Mexico said they were working on an inclusion policy to ensure everyone has beach access, noting that it is a huge misconception that a concession means privatization.