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Christopher Landau new US ambassador to Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — The consulate of the United States in Mexico has announced Christopher Landau as the new ambassador to Mexico.

After arriving on a flight from Houston, Texas, the new US ambassador to Mexico said in Spanish that he arrives with his hand extended.

“My message today is very simple. I arrive with an extended hand. The United States wins when there is a prosperous and stable Mexico, and Mexico wins when there is a prosperous and stable United States. Obviously there are challenges in the bilateral relationship, but these are the challenges that are expected in any close relationship,” he said.

He said that “our countries are partners, neighbors and friends. It is today and it will be forever.”

La Embajada y consulados deEstados Unidos en México says on August 12, Christopher Landau was sworn in as the United States Ambassador to Mexico. Ambassador Landau speaks fluent Spanish and obtained a certificate in Latin American Studies from Harvard College. He was born in Madrid, Spain and attended the American School in Asunción, Paraguay for five years.

Ambassador Landau earned his Bachelor’s degree in History from Harvard in 1985 and his Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School in 1989. He won the Sears Award for the highest academic average in his second school year.

Christopher Landau replaces Roberta Jacobson.