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Chetumal dump won’t be shut after agreement reached with Ejidos to clear overflow

Chetumal, Q.R. — An agreement reached between Ejidos and Chetumal City Hall will not see the municipality’s dump shut. Since the city’s dump has reached its capacity, garbage overflow has been reported on 20 hectares of neighboring Ejido land.

Juan Carlos Poot, Commissioner of the Calderitas Ejidos who own the land, said that after a working meeting earlier this week with Chetumal mayor Yensunni Martínez, they were able to reach an agreement.

“We are going to make a tour this week with the Directorate of Municipal Public Services and the Ejido Calderitas Surveillance Council to go around the periphery of the sanitary landfill and clear with machinery all those plots that have been invaded by garbage.”

The city of Chetumal generates approximately 350 tons of garbage per day, which has exhausted the city’s current dump capacity. In the past, municipal administrations have tried to find another plot of land to use as a city dumping site, but without success.