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Chetumal debuts the state’s first animal rescue ambulance

Chetumal, Q. R. — Chetumal is the first city to have an established animal ambulance for those in need. The city has already put to use its first Animal Rescue Motorcycle Ambulance, which provides 24-hour-a-day service to transfer street animals or pets to a veterinary or shelter to be treated in the event of an accident.

The creator of this project, Rafael Rivero Aburto with the initiative of friends and businessmen, adapted a motorcycle for the transfer of animals. The transformation took around one year and cost 150,000 peso.

President of the Animal Defense and Protection Organization Speak for Me pointed out that the objective is to ensure animal welfare and dignified treatment with the rescue brigade in accordance with the Animal Protection and Welfare Law.

He clarified that neither the federal, state or municipal governments were involved, saying it was a collective project by citizens.

The ambulance began operating last weekend, its first patient being a street dog who was taken to a vet for a consult for a tumor in his throat. The motorcycle ambulance has emergency codes and basic equipment with all the measures established by the sanitary regulations to transport its patients.

Although the service is free, if the person using the pet ambulance is able to pay, a recovery fee is used for the maintenance cost of the unit.