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CFE building substations along Yucatan Peninsula to electrify Maya Train sections

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) says they will electrify 44 percent of the Maya Train. The 44 percent is the equivalent of 690 kilometers.

The Federal Electricity Commission is advancing in the development of a comprehensive system focused on the electrified line that begins at the Mérida-Teya station of section 3 of the Maya Train, explained the General Director of the agency, Manuel Bartlett Díaz.

Barlett Diza pointed out that the electrified double track will extend 690 kilometers in sections 4, 5 and 6 until it reaches Chetumal, which represents 44 percent of total track.

In Yucatan, two combined cycle plants are being built in Valladolid and Mérida with a joint generation capacity of 1,519 megawatts. In addition, 53 connection works, train traction force and tension regulation are being carried out.

“The Maya train is the transformation project of the Yucatan Peninsula and five states in the south-southeast. It is the largest railway project under construction in the world. The Maya Train requires the construction of a comprehensive electrical system for its incorporation into the national electrical system,” he explained.

Barlett Diaz also announced that tests of the plants will begin in March 2024, while the evaluations of the substations will take place between May and November of this year.

He said for Cancun sections 4 and 5, there will be 51 kilometers of medium voltage line which is scheduled to be finished in June 2023.

In sections 5 and 6, which cover Riviera Maya, the Tulum substation will be expanded, which will come into operation in July of this year since it is 85 percent complete. The connection of 18 services is also being carried out with an advance of 3 percent.

Regarding sections 6 and 7, the local substation in Chetumal called Insurgentes will be improved. The CFE anticipates that it will operate in July of this year since it already has an advancement of 57 percent. Here, 33 connection services are being carried out that will be ready on that same date.

The CFE is building 27 electrical substations next to the train tracks and highways where green walls will be planted with native flora and 13,000 square meters will be reforested with 2,300 trees and shrubs of eight species from the region.