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Carlos Joaquin sworn in as Mexico Ambassador to Canada

Mexico City, Mexico — Carlos Joaquin has been formally sworn in as Mexico’s Ambassador to Canada. On January 5, the former governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, took his oath before the Comisión Permanente in Mexico City.

His swearing in came only one day after being approved for the position by the Senate of Mexico.

During his swearing in, Carlos Joaquín assured that the presence of Mexico in Canada is of the utmost importance and will be a “substantive factor in the work agenda that will be deployed in that country.”

The former governor highlighted the value of continuing the promotion and positioning of Mexican companies in Canadian markets.

“The embassy and the consular network should promote the study and research of binational relations aimed at promoting the productive chain, the reduction in the costs of exchanges and the development of knowledge and skills in a low carbon economy,” he said noting that Canada is an important country for Mexico in the T-MEC.

“It is an important task. Canada is an important country in terms of economic and tourist exchange with Mexico and is part of the Free Trade Agreement. A country that is very close in terms of investment and that will surely be a very important issue,” he said.

Joaquín said it is an “honor” to accept the “important position” of Mexico’s Ambassador to Canada, which was proposed last year by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.