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Cancun, Playa del Carmen officially given quarantine extension by government

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Cancun and Riviera Maya coronavirus news of an extended quarantine comes from the Secretary of Health who has said municipalities with high incidences will see an extension until May 30, 2020.

In a press conference, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Subsecretario de Prevención y Promoción de la Salud explained Monday that in areas of high COVID-19 intensity, the quarantine will be extended, however, for low intensity municipalities, May 17 will be their last day.

In the case of Quintana Roo, areas such as Cancun and Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen), continue to record increasing figures, however, other municipalities such as Puerto Morelos and the Maya Zone to the south (including Tulum and Costa Maya), have low figures and are included in the May 18th lifting.

He explained that municipalities without COVID-19 cases will return to their normal activities on May 18th, adding that there are approximately 1,000 municipalities across the country without cases. He said that social distancing measures will be withdrawn on May 18 in municipalities without confirmed cases or with very few cases of COVID19, noting that any contagions could be controlled with actions from Phase 1 of the epidemic.

“As there is good progress in municipalities where there are no cases or very few, we can remove the measures as of May 18,” said the undersecretary adding that until May 30 in the case of municipalities with more COVID-19 cases, their activities will be standardized in a phased manner.

There are nine municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo that could be included in the May 18th lifting. López-Gatell explained in the case of Quintana Roo, the current measures are providing results and the new proposals, which have a direct impact on affected areas such as Cancun (which would enter Phase 3) and unaffected areas (the Maya Zone of Quintana Roo, which would remain in Phase 1), are the following:

  1. The healthy distance in high intensity areas (Cancun) is extended until May 30.

2. In municipalities with low or no transmission, the Sana Distancia concludes May 18th (this is the case of all the municipalities of the Mayan zone, nine municipalities of Quintana Roo).

3. The intensity of the measures in high transmission areas is regionalized (the case of Playa del Carmen and Cancún), which would enter Phase 3.

4. Mobility is segmented in the national territory, that is, it is sought that people do not move from high transmission areas to low transmission areas and vice versa.

There are 11 municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo. According to López-Gatell, nine of them will see their quarantines lifted as of May 18 with the two remaining municipalities, Benito Juárez (Cancun) and Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) extended until May 30th, both of which are expected to enter Phase 3.