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Cancun judge legalizes Uber rideshare but state still needs to provide permits

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Talks between Cancun Uber and the state government are being worked out after a Cancun judge ordered the rideshare service legal. Talks are being set up since the January 11 ruling did not specify a date that the service could legally begin.

For now, the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo), who rules over mobility issues in Quintana Roo, is waiting for the Third Collegiate Court of the Federal Judiciary to notify them of the official judicial ruling. Once the ruling is received, Imoveqroo can begin preparing regulations that will allow Uber to legally provide their service in the state.

Imoveqroo Director Rodrigo Alcazar said until that time, the rideshare company will continue to be illegal.

“At this moment it is still illegal outside the regulatory framework and they cannot operate. If they are found, of course the corresponding administrative fine will be applied to them,” he added.

He explained that although the court ruled that Uber is a private service and not public, they still must be regulated by the state but in a different way than public transportation service providers. Once the regulation is in place, then can then have the operating permits.

Quintana Roo Governor, Mara Lezama, said that the state’s legal team is already working on it. She said that talks will also be had with representatives of the taxi driver’s union to contribute to the creation of the operating rules.

“I am sure that as long as we make very clear, very transparent regulations, we are going to ensure that everything passes in peace,” she said adding that the taxi driver leaders will respect the established rules so that taxi drivers do not seek, through violence, to stop the daily operations of Uber.