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Cancun firemen tasked with capturing crocodile after attacking local man in mangrove

Cancun, Q. R. — Cancun firemen were successful in locating and capturing a large crocodile after attacking a local man. On Saturday, police and firemen responded to the report of a dead body floating in mangrove.

The security guard who made the report to 911 said there was a dead body floating in the mangrove area of the Malecón Tajamar of central Cancun.

When police and firemen arrived, they found a man in a dry section of mangrove alive and bleeding. He told police that he had been attacked by a large crocodile while in the water. Carlos “N” was transferred to Cancun hospital for bites to his hands and head.

A group of Cancun firemen then began the task of locating and capturing the reptile after the 2:00 p.m. Saturday attack. They were successful in finding the large crocodile and relocating it. They reported the attacking croc was a male of more than 3 meters in length.