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Cancun city council says strike may be over, but garbage collection contract will still be reviewed

Cancun, Q.R. — Even though employees from Intelligencia México SA de CV ended their strike with the Cancun garbage collection company Monday evening after being on strike since Thursday, Cancun city council says the company’s contract will still be reviewed.

The 420 employees were claiming unpaid labor benefits, however, with internal issues settled, workers are now waiting on instruction from the company to resume work. Last week, the city council of Benito Juárez intervened, taking over the city’s garbage collection and ceasing payment to Intelligencia México.

While employee demands have been met, Issac Janix, Secretario General del Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez commented that Intelligencia México SA de CV will have to guarantee not only capacity in human resources, but also in infrastructure as required by the concession so that they can resume the garbage collection service in the municipality.

He says that employees of the garbage collection company will not be able to resume work until the company informs the municipality of its ability to operate.

“The workers will have to show that the concessionaire can now take back the reins, not only that of human resources, but also that of infrastructure. There is still a need for the council to meet again. We are waiting for evidence to be presented by the company. Meanwhile, the council will continue to be in charge,” he explained.

Aside from unpaid workers, city council’s main complaint toward the company was its lack of units that the concession agreement establishes to provide the service, which was 60. However, no more than 25 trucks were in operation, a situation that generated garbage collection delays.

Issac Janix acknowledges that it has been a difficult situation and that they continue with the review of the concession contract to determine whether or not there are arguments to rescind the concession agreement.