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Campos meets with CFE legal team to find blackout power solutions

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Mayor Lili Campos says she has had meetings with CFE’s legal team to agree on solutions that would see an end to city blackouts. During a press conference, Campos said that additional security was ordered to avoid disturbances while CFE personnel install new transformers.

Additional security was implemented due to angry resident reactions to CFE personnel. During repairs last week, police were sent to the various areas where CFE were working in order to provide security while they made repairs.

Campos says meetings have also been held with other CFE heads for the installation of a provisional transformer and additional brigades in order to solve the problem more quickly. Earlier this week, CFE personnel from Campeche and Yucatan were brought in to help with repairs.

“We also had work meetings with Darío Macías Alemán, legal representative of CFE Distribución Peninsular, to agree on a prompt solution to avoid blackouts and agree on support from the municipal government.

“In addition, a permanently lower rate is being negotiated with the state-owned company,” stated the municipal mayor without providing additional details on the lower rate.