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Belize delays reopening of land border and seaports due to Omicron

Belize — The reopening of the Belize border and seaports has been postponed. In a letter, the government of Belize announced their decision to move the land and seaport opening until February of next year.

The country had announced the reopening of its land border with Mexico for January of 2022, however, with the arrival and spread of the covid-19 variant Omicron, the government said they have decided to postpone that reopening based on health authority recommendations.

In the government’s official statement, the one-month delay will allow the Belizean health system to better prepare for the appearance of the Omicron variant.

In addition, postponing the reopening of the border, according to the letter, will give the government of Belize the opportunity to make preparations for the return of the educational system, which begins in January of 2022.

The government of Belize reiterated that the Ministry of Health and Welfare will continue to monitor the situation closely to guarantee the integrity of the Belizean health system and the well-being of its residents.