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Bacalar in need of Harbor Master after number of lagoon boats triple

Bacalar, Q.R. — In two years, the number of boats offering services on the Bacalar Lagoon has tripled due to a lack of regulation. President of the Magic Towns Committee, Nicanor Piña Ugalde, made the comment noting that the problem is due to the absence of a Harbor Master’s Office.

“In a year and a bit, I believe there are 50 percent more boats. Two years ago, we had 100 boats, maybe 90, but right now we have 300 boats,” he said.

“No lock is being placed to stop more boats from entering and we are concerned because the lagoon cannot handle the load,” he added.

He described this situation as worrisome, since the exponential growth and lack of control puts the quality of the lagoon at risk due to its fragile ecosystem.

“It is necessary for the Harbor Master to set up an office there, to be there for eight hours a day, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, which is when there are more boats, more people arrive,” he stressed.