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Authorities detect Cuban boat docking in the dark along Isla Mujeres shore

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Seven Cubans who illegally entered Mexico have been arrested. Elements of the Municipal Police took the seven into custody early Monday morning, after their boat made it to an Isla Mujeres shore.

According to the National Migration Institute (INM), one of those onboard the vessel was a pregnant Cuban national. The 20-foot-long registered vessel was used to transport the seven into Mexican territory. It was noticed docking in a rocky area at 1:00 a.m.

Local police, accompanied by elements of the Navy, provided those on board with medical services before loading them onto a military boat and transporting them to Puerto Juárez. Once there, INM officers were found waiting.

It is the third time in two months that officials have located these types of boats. In early November, a makeshift vessel was found abandoned on Isla Mujeres. Clothes and water jugs were found near the site.

Several weeks later, another makeshift vessel was located in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Authorities found that boat, which was also abandoned, with left-behind clothes and water jugs located nearby.

All three vessels docked in rocky areas, arriving during the dark morning hours with the first two successfully making it to shore without detection.