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Authorities continue search for those on board abandoned boat found on Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — An abandoned boat found along the eastern coastal area of the island of Isla Mujeres is believed to belong to migrants. On Thursday, authorities were alerted to the discovery of the makeshift vessel, which was found abandoned and in poor condition.

The boat was found along the east side of the island. Not far away, authorities also found a heap of discarded clothing and a few personal items that are believed to have belonged to those on board.

Officers from the National Migration Institute (INM) were alerted to the discovery of the small water craft, which is speculated to have been used by Cuban migrants who could have possibly landed during the early morning hours undetected since the boat was without a motor.

Police began a search of the grassy area, but to no avail. Only left-behind clothing, oars and a sail were found.