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Authorities demolish more illegal structures in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — With the support of heavy machinery and military personnel, authorities removed illegal beach furniture and demolished buildings in another beach operation. Authorities left with four dump truck loads of illegal furniture after a visit to Isla Blanca in the Continental Zone of Isla Mujeres.

On social media, the FGE said “Members of the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace and Security in Quintana Roo, made up of SEDENA, GN_MEXICO, SEMAR, FGE Quintana Roo and SSP_QROO implemented the “Playa Segura” operation in the Isla Blanca area, Isla Mujeres municipality where – with the support of workers and heavy machinery – public spaces were recovered in order to prevent illegal activities.”

This is the second beach security operation this week. Earlier in the week, authorities arrested 10 people on drug-related charges after a beach security operation in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

At the end of last August, a similar joint operation was deployed that allowed the recovery of coastal properties in that same area of Isla Blanca. These security measures have also been carried out on Playa del Carmen beaches.