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At least one company being investigated for deadly gas explosion

San Pueblo Xochimehuacán, Puebla — At least one company is being investigated for the deadly gas explosion that killed one and sent more than a dozen to hospital. Since the explosion, authorities have been able to sift through what remains of an apartment block.

They have learned that the gas explosion was the result of an illegal pipeline that fed the area. A leak in the line was reported beforehand, allowing emergency personnel to evacuate a majority of the block, however, one person was still killed when the line exploded.

Although an investigation continues, it has been learned that the 2:40 a.m. Sunday explosion was the result of a clandestine gas outlet.

“Immediately, a search and location operation was implemented for people injured or trapped in the rubble of the collapsed buildings at the time of organizing the transfer of injured to hospitals, and some neighbors to shelters authorized by the government of Puebla,” the government of Puebla said.

The government of Puebla reported that at 2:40 in the morning of Sunday, a series of explosions were registered in capital city, which so far left one person dead and 15 injured, five seriously.

The explosions occurred due to a gas leak from a clandestine intake on Avenida Gasoducto on a private property.

Several ambulances arrived at the scene to treat the injured who were taken to the Hospital General del Norte and the Hospital del Niño Poblano (HNP). In the HNP burn unit there are four minors between three and 16 years old. Seven adults remain at the Hospital del Norte.

On social media, the government said that Pemex was in control of the fire.

At least one company dedicated to the theft of fuel has been identified. The companies that stole fuel in the clandestine intake that exploded will be investigated, according to the mayor of Puebla, Eduardo Rivera.

“Unfortunately the gas pipelines arrived first and then the population, some irregular settlements arrived later,” confirmed the mayor.