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Another dead and one more arrested in deadly Cancun bar shootings

Cancun, Q.R. — Local authorities have made progress regarding a Cancun shooting Friday night against two bars. According to police information, the bullet attacks on the Kabah Avenue bars Friday night was the result of score settling between organized crime groups.

Managers of the shot at bars, Las Micheladas de la Kabah and Déja Vu, had allegedly received extortion threats in recent months. Cancun authorities say the bars did not report the extortion threats, which resulted in the Friday night shootings.

On Friday around 9:00 p.m., Déja Vu was one of the two bars along Kabah Avenue targeted. The club’s security video shows three men emerging from around a corner where they make their way to the bar’s open door. From there, they began shooting, killing the doorman on scene and injuring several employees inside.

Moments later, a second establishment was also shot at. Cancun police attended to both incidences at nearly the same time, arresting one. Since that arrest, a second male believed related to the Friday night shootings has also been arrested.

The man, 23-year-old Daniel N from Campeche, was hauled out of a warehouse supermarket Saturday night by three officers after fleeing from his vehicle during a police stop. He ran inside the store to hide, but was found. He was arrested after trying to outrun police in his car.

A chase lead police from the Galaxias del Sol subdivision to La Joya where he crashed his car then headed for the store.

A second person, an employee of one of the clubs, reportedly died in hospital over the weekend, bringing the death total to two.

A third club near the shooting site has since posted publicly that they have made the decision to close temporarily.

On Saturday, La Palapita, located on Kabah Avenue near the shooting sites, posted a notice that they have decided to close for a few days. La Palapita said the closure is “to safeguard the integrity of customers and collaborators,” adding that they cannot be indifferent to what took place Friday night.

The restaurant called on local authorities to “find a path to the peace that the citizens of Cancun deserve.”

Authorities in Cancun have not released a public statement on the Friday night shooting.