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Another 15 treated for food poisoning in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — At least 15 people were treated for food poisoning after consuming bad meat at a hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The incident happened at Kilometer 8 along Kukulcán Boulevard of the Cancun Hotel Zone. Preliminary reports say that Emergency 911 was called after the 15 became ill from eating meat. Paramedics from the Red Cross of Mexico arrived to tend to the sick.

Eight of those 15 were taken to the General Hospital of Cancun, while the others were transferred to varying nearby medical centers.

Civil Protection were on site. There is no official word on if the food was contaminated, in poor condition or simply improperly cooked. It is the second time this month that people have become sick in Cancun after consuming bad food.

In July, 230 people were affected by food poisoning after they consumed bad food at a church gathering in Cancun.