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230 affected by mass food poisoning at Cancun church

Cancun, Q.R. — The director of the Sanitary Jurisdiction in Cancun says that a total of 230 people were affected by food poisoning earlier this week at a church breakfast that saw at least 20 taken to hospital.

The director of la Jurisdicción Sanitaria, Homero León Pérez, explained that they attended to 230 of about 430 of the teens that were affected by the bad food. He says that they are all stable, however, there are 14 people under observation that will leave hospital in the next day or two.

He said that over the next few days, the results of bacteriological studies will be available to determine the exact cause, adding that an investigation by the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks is also being done to hold those responsible for cooking and serving the contaminated food.

León Pérez urges people to avoid eating street food or other foods with few hygiene standards.

On July 17, about 60 teens became ill after eating a breakfast prepared by their church. At the time, 20 were admitted to hospital, however since then, a total of 230 reportedly became sick.