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AMLO proposes overpasses for cenotes and underground water systems along Maya Train section 5

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — President López Obrador says if necessary, overpasses will be constructed to protect cenotes along section 5 south of the Maya Train. During his morning press conference, he said more than 200 archaeologists continue to work along Maya Train routes.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the route of section 5 is still under survey, stressing the fact that no construction has begun. He said if need be, the train route will be adjusted or overpasses built if cenotes or underwater rivers are found along the original routes.

“Currently there is no construction work on the section (Quintana Roo), a breach has been opened, nothing more. Geological studies are being done to see what lies below. So the decision is that where there are underground rivers, cenotes, you choose to make diversions or bridges, viaducts, elevated levels,” he said.

AMLO explained that geological studies are still being carried out in some sections to locate cenotes and underwater systems and determine if passage is safe.

He also said that he would like work to be done with greater speed, but that they are still studying how work on the subsoil can be done. “When we have the complete project, it will be exhibited,” he added.

His brief comes on the heels of an 8,000 year old discovery along section 5 south. On Tuesday, environmentalists sent a letter requesting a change on that section due to the discovery of an 8,000-year-old human fossil in a cenote.

The discovery was made in an area south of Playa del Carmen near a flooded cave, below where Maya Train tracks are scheduled to be laid. This latest finding adds to the more than 300 buildings located earlier this month outside Playa del Carmen that have been named Paamul 2.