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AMLO announces pay increase for Mexico teachers

Mexico City, Mexico — Teachers around the country will receive an 8.2 percent increase in their wages. The increase will be retrospective, being backdated to January 2023.

The announcement was made Monday by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who said that all education workers will receive the 8.2 percent increase on their salary.

During his morning press conference, AMLO said that with the increase, there will not be any teachers in Mexico earning less than 16,000 pesos a month.

“The increase will apply retroactively from January of this year. This action for the benefit of teachers will mean allocating an additional 42 billion pesos to the budget that is already channeled to strengthen public education and improve the conditions of the workforce,” he said Monday referring to the more than 800,000 education workers in Mexico.

He said a review of their ISSSTE medical benefits and of pensions will also be looked into, since the education sector is one of the priorities of the Government of Mexico.