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AMLO announces education and medical personnel next in booster program

Mexico City, Mexico — During his Tuesday morning press conference, president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that health and educational personnel will be next on the booster shot list.

He said that although those two sectors are next, they will have to “wait their turn” until the older adults campaign has finished. During his press conference, he stressed that the National Vaccination Plan has five priorities.

They are to advance vaccinations in states with lag and in remote communities, to continue vaccinating pregnant women, to ensure vaccines for people with chronic diseases, to continue vaccinating youth ages 15-17 and to reinforce vaccines with booster shots for people 60 and over.

He stressed that the priority is to vaccinate people who have not received any dose, particularly those in the more remote communities in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz.

“We are doing our best to go to the most remote communities and ensure that no one is left without being vaccinated, that is first, because he who does not have a single dose is at greater risk.,” he explained.

“Already, Health has a strategy, ending with older adults and beginning with health personnel, teachers. They already have it. Yesterday we saw a plan,” he said.

AMLO stressed that the country has enough vaccines to apply the booster dose to older adults as well as educational and medical personnel.

“We have enough vaccines for the elderly who require a booster (…) it is important that it is known that we have enough vaccines. To underline, although Marcelo already mentioned it, that we are the number seven country in the world in availability of vaccines.”