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After warning shots by criminal group security to be reinforced on Cancun beaches and sea

Cancun, Q.R. — Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales, State Attorney General, said that security will be reinforce on Cancun beaches and at sea after intimidation shots were fired Tuesday. He said that authorities have been using the city’s surveillance cameras to collect evidence and identify those responsible.

On Tuesday, a group of men passed by Playa Langosta of the Cancun Hotel Zone on jet skis, firing shots into the air as they did. Montes de Oca Rosales said the shots were likely an attempt at intimidation or as a warning by criminals due to the new presence of the National Guard.

He said that they secured a total of six personal watercraft (jet skis), all of which are being analyzed to see if they were the ones used during the intimidation attack.

According to the official, they have been collecting and analyzing videos from the Control, Command, Computing and Communication Center (C5) and nearby hotels to determine how many participated.

He said that there were likely between two to four participants, who at no time, reached the beach. He said that the shots were fired into the air and were done so from about 150 meters from shore.

He added that police searched the beach and did not find any evidence of firearm impact, clarifying that since the shots were fired over the sea, shell recovery is not likely.

During his Radio Fórmula interview, he did say that techniques are being carried out on jet skis for the possibility of finding some traces of evidence that could lead to those responsible.

Since the shooting, he verified that security will be reinforced not only on beaches, but also on the sea after criminal groups have recently begun using it as an escape route.

“We are going to have to modify our strategies, cover those areas of the sea. If we have to buy jet skis, I think it can be done.”