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AFAC authorizes two new routes for Cancun International

Cancun, Q.R. — New international routes have been authorized for both the Felipe Ángeles International Airport and Cancun International Airport. The Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) has authorized a total of 144 new international air transport routes, of which 100 are for regular passenger service and 44 for exclusive regular cargo service.

Among the new routes are two for Qatar Airways, which will begin operations at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), which will expand its connectivity to various cities around the world.

In addition, Cancun Airport will also see an increase in its operations with two new routes operated by TUI Airways and Air Caraibes.

On August 17, the AFAC signed two memorandums of understanding on Bilateral Cooperation and Air Transport with the Civil Aviation Administration of China to strengthen the exchange in the national aviation sector.

The first agreement contemplates environmental protection, operational safety and security of civil aviation, capacity building and personnel training, infrastructure development, consultation and coordination within the framework of ICAO and other regional or international organizations and cooperation.

Consultation and exchange of information in the field of remotely piloted aircraft systems and unmanned aircraft systems, with emphasis on their regulations, certification methods and standards, operation approvals and their surveillance.

The agreement also covers the operation of exclusive cargo flights. The route table of the agreement was modified to eliminate the restriction of two points in each nation and now there are five destinations for passengers and four for cargo, which covers the current and future demand of the airlines of both countries.

Codeshare operations, including joint operations with third-country airlines, will also be allowed, allowing domestic and Chinese airlines to increase their joint operations.

After signing these agreements, two Chinese airlines expressed the possibility of resuming passenger transport operations to Mexican territory and another cargo at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport.

The new routes will allow the operation of TUI Airways based in the United Kingdom and Air Caraibes, based in the French West Indies, to offer new routes to Cancun.