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Aeromexico passengers experience delays and cancellations due to infected pilots and flight attendants

Mexico City, Mexico — At least 10 percent of Aeromexico’s active flight attendants have covid-19. As of noon Friday, Aeromexico had canceled 38 flights at the Mexico City International Airport alone.

Between January 5 and 7, the company canceled 38 flights in the midst of a coronavirus contagion in at least 10 percent of its active attendants. According to information from the capital city’s airport, on January 5, the airline canceled 12 flights, while on Thursday, the number of canceled flights rose to 17. As of Friday afternoon, another nine were canceled out of the airport.

On Thursday, the Aviation Flight attendants Trade Union Association (ASSA) issued an internal statement in which it noted that 140 flight attendants were unable to work for having tested positive for COVID-19.

Aeromexico also has 83 infected pilots, a figure that has caused the cancellation of a total of 55 flights around the country between Thursday and Friday, said the Union Association of Airmen Pilots (ASPA) of Mexico.

Aeromexico has said that it is focused on minimizing the impact of infections on its crews. “We work to serve in the best possible way, customers who have had modifications in their travel plans,” said the airline.

On Saturday, at least five Aeromexico flights were cancelled at Cancun International, leaving around 1,200 travelers waiting for an alternative. On social media, Aeromexico posted that 61 flights were modified.

“Due to the effects of COVID-19, 61 flights of the 492 scheduled for January 8, 2022, had modifications.” Several of those modified flights were U.S. bound.