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Aeromexico clarifies go around protocol not incident at AICM

Mexico City, Mexico — Aeromexico has clarified reports of an incident at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) that took place Wednesday night. In a brief statement, the airline explained “Last night, flight AM762, when approaching AICM, the plane made a go around in compliance with national and international security protocols because the plane that had previously landed took a long time to vacate the runway.”

The airline made the public statement after two onboard passengers reported “another incident” at the country’s main international airport. At least two passengers on Aeroméxico flight 762 arriving from Bogotá, Colombia, reported the incident prevented them from landing on the night of May 11.

Aeroméxico explained that it had to fly over because the plane that had previously landed was delayed. “Maneuvers like this guarantee the integrity of operations,” the company said.

According to information from the Spanish newspaper El País, two of its journalists were traveling on that flight and were the two passengers who reported the go around as being an incident.

Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano (SENEAM) also indicated that flight AM762 was instructed to “go airborne” because runway 05 right was occupied by United flight 821. “This is the usual aviation procedure which guarantees safety in operations. It did not represent any risk to the aircraft,” they said.