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ADO says thousands of tourists are being affected by ongoing Holbox roadblock dispute

Holbox, Q.R. — Approximately 500 bus passengers a day are being affected by the ongoing dispute between the CFE and Ejidos says Elpidio Valencia Palomares, the Commercial Manager of Cancun ADO.

He says both sides need to come to an agreement since thousands of passengers have been affected during the four-day road blockade. On Friday, the Ejidos once again took to the highway in protest of unpaid monies they say the CFE owes them in land usage fees.

The Ejidos say the government owes them money for using their land to run electric cables to the island of Holbox. For four days, the disgruntled group from nearby Kantunilkin has kept the road to Chiquilá blocked. The blockage has generated hours-long lines of traffic for those trying to access the port to reach the island of Holbox.

Valencia Palomares says ADO has seven buses that offer the round trips to the Port of Chiquilá and within those seven, one offers direct service to the Cancun International Airport. He says some tourists have missed their flights for not arriving on time due to the roadblock.

“The average number of passengers per round trip is between 35 and 40 per unit, so the estimated average is 500 people per day, mostly tourists. We try to schedule services but we tell clients that we cannot guarantee the service,” he said referring to the four-day block.

He said that on Thursday, ADO only had two buses in service out of the seven scheduled before the Ejidos arrived and blocked the road. They were then forced to cancel the remainder of the scheduled buses for the day.

Valencia Palomares added that if the dispute continues, it could become violent since some of the Ejidos are charging motorists as much as 500 peso to pass to Chiquilá.