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A Puebla man wanted in explosion that killed five arrested in Cancun

San Pueblo Xochimehuacán, Puebla — The Puebla State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrest of three men in an explosion that killed five. One of those detained, was located in Cancun.

Puebla authorities said they carried out arrest warrants against three people for their alleged involvement in the explosion of a clandestine gas outlet on October 31, that left five dead and several dozen injured. Numerous buildings were also destroyed or damaged in the blast.

In a statement, the agency announced the arrest of Ricardo N, Miguel Ángel N and Antonio N, who are facing charges of homicide, injuries and damage to property. The trio are believed to have “allegedly manipulated a clandestine intake, causing combustion by propagation of gas.”

As a result of the explosion, several victims suffered injuries and some of them lost their lives. In addition, multiple properties were damaged.

Ricardo N was arrested in Cancun in collaboration with the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo, while Miguel Ángel N and Antonio N were captured in San Pablo Xochimehuacan, where the gas explosion occurred.