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8 detained on drug, firearm charges believed linked to 5 homicides

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen police announce the arrest of eight males along with the seizure of firearms, ammunition and drugs, adding that they are believed linked to at least five homicides. The Attorney General of the State says the arrests took place in the irregular colony of InHouse in the city’s far west.

In their statement they report that Investigative Police, in coordination with elements of the National Guard, captured eight male persons, seized 4 firearms, chargers, cartridges and bags of marijuana.

According to the first investigations, the eight detainees are related to the criminal organization known as Los Panteras, who have been identified as the main generator of area violence, dedicated to extortion and drug-related crimes.

The FGE says that one of the arrested, Jovin R, was found to have an outstanding arrest warrant for a 2019 homicide. The others, Luis M, Fernando R, David S, Juan R, Luis S, Jonathan C and Alejandro G will remain under investigation since they are believed related to five homicides of three women and two men.