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388 illegal Central American migrants discovered by INM in one day

Veracruz, Mexico — INM officials in Veracruz reported intercepting a total of 388 migrants after they were found being transported in trucks. The agency says on Wednesday, 54 Central American migrants were intercepted after they were found on a bus bound for Mexico City.

The 54 were located by INM officers at the Acayucan highway toll booth. On the same day, another 334 were found by immigration officers in El Arbolillo, Veracruz. They were located traveling inside crammed conditions of a semi trailer.

In both instances, the drivers were arrested and the transport units seized, while the migrants, all of whom were found with irregular immigration status, were transferred to INM offices.

On Sunday, the institute reported another incident, also in Veracruz, when it intercepted another semi trailer found carry 359 people, most of whom were Guatemalans.

That group of migrants were discovered during a checkpoint set up on the Coatzacoalcos-Veracruz highway. When stopping the vehicle for an inspection, agents reported hearing voices coming from the rear of the vehicle.