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31 of Mexico’s 32 states in a green epidemiological light

Mexico City, Mexico — Only one state in Mexico remains with a yellow epidemiological light while the other 31 are green. The Federal Ministry of Health says until March 20, 31 of Mexico’s 32 are with a green light.

Only the state of Querétaro remains yellow, the agency reported.

The Secretary of Health announced that the number of estimated cases has decreased by 36 percent over week before. Hospital networks across the country have registered a 91 percent reduction in occupancy rates compared to the highest point of the second epidemic wave in January 2021.

In the last 24 hours, the demand for general beds decreased two percentage points to 14 percent, and beds with mechanical ventilators fell one point to 11 percent.

The federal agency reported that more than 271,000 vaccines have been administered already this month. The Daily Technical Report indicates that 85,315,634 people have been vaccinated. Of that total, 79,050,604 or 93 percent have a complete scheme.