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23 killed, 65 hospitalized after Mexico City metro line collapses on traffic

Mexico City, Mexico — The most recent death toll stands at 23 with 65 in hospital after a Mexico City rain line collapsed. The collapse occurred at 10:50 p.m. Monday along a section of the city’s Line 12. As it traveled, a support beam crumbled and gave way, causing a two-car section to fall approximately 10 meters on traffic below.

According to Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, the latest counts are 23 dead and 65 hospitalized. In a press conference, she detailed that the accident happened on Line 12 between the Olivos and Tezonco stations, causing the train to collapse onto a crowded avenue below.

“Unfortunately what happened was the expiration of a beam when a train passed. All investigations will be carried out to find out the causes that caused this accident,” said Sheinbaum in her press conference at the scene of the accident.

Sheinbaum clarified that there are minors among the victims, not specifying if they were killed or injured, although she did confirm that the number of deaths was already 23.

In a social media message, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said “What happened in the subway is a terrible tragedy. My solidarity to the victims and their families. Of course, causes must be investigated and responsibilities defined. I reiterate myself at the entire disposal of the authorities to contribute in whatever is necessary.”

Many Mexico City residents took to social media to voice concerns about the lack of response from city officials over their repeated complaints about the poor condition of the structure, which they say, was damaged in the 2017 earthquakes.

The beam that collapsed was completed constructed in 2012, but reportedly refurbished at least once since then.