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10 dolphins found stranded on Veracruz beach

Boca de Rio, Veracruz — After the entry of a cold front, residents of Boca de Rio in the state of Veracruz located 10 stranded dolphins. The mammals were found on the beaches of Boca del Río, which sent residents scrambling to return them to the water.

Mayor Humberto Alonso Morelli said that seven of the dolphins were pushed back out to sea, however, three perished on the beach.

“Ten had run aground, but two police colleagues and two citizens saw fit to return seven but unfortunately three they could not do anything for. They lost their way due to the northern event (cold front),” said Alonso Morelli, noting the strong winds that arrived with the front.

Witnesses at the scene pointed out that the dolphins that were pushed back out to sea hung around the area for a while, with a few approaching the beach again despite efforts of their rescuers.

Environmental authorities arrived to remove the three deceased dolphins. Autopsies will be done to determine a cause of death.

Earlier in December, a pod of dolphins was spotted by early morning fishermen from the island of Holbox. At the end of that day, one of the mammals was located dead on a beach. A cause of death was not determined.