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Yucatan coast from Chetumal to Cancun soaked by passing system

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A majority of the Yucatan coast in Quintana Roo experienced a wet weekend with the passing of a large slow system. Municipal authorities from Chetumal to Cancun have reported flooded streets, downed trees and power outages with its passing.

In Chetumal, Alfredo Suárez Camacho, the General Director of the State Civil Protection Coordination reported municipal officials were out clearing flooded streets.

“From very early on, the storm operation was implemented in the state capital with assistance from the state transit, the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission, Civil Protection and public services from the municipality,” he said.

Brigades were out clearing clogged drains that left numerous streets under water. Camocho said they located nine critical points in neighborhoods where water levels were highest.

“The water is giving way, and little by little, are returning to normal,” he added.

Around Riviera Maya, rains also left many streets under water, however, authorities have not reported any major damage. A few fender benders and downed trees were added to the list of grievances along with waterlogged roads.

The island of Cozumel and the city of Cancun were also heavily affected by the downpours that arrived with impressive thunder and lightening. In Cancun, Tránsito de Cancún reported the felling of one power pole due to the ongoing storm.

The pole toppled in a residential area along Palenque Avenue, leaving SM 26 without power for nearly five hours while CFE personnel made repairs.

Navigation to small vessels was also temporarily suspended due to the bad weather. Francisco Fernández, president of Nautical Associates of Quintana Roo, said that water activities were temporarily suspended for vessels under 40 feet, while larger boats were warned to travel with precaution.

Cozumel residents also felt the sting of the heavy rain with the cancellation of shore excursions by arriving cruise ship passengers. Several island areas in the central and north were also left without electricity.

In Playa del Carmen, the municipal authorities dealt with severe flooding in three residential areas. Alejandro Contreras Díaz, director of the Solidaridad Fire Department, reported the severe flooding due to clogged drains.

The rains are forecast to let up early Sunday morning. Local authorities have not provided any rainfall figures for around the state.