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Woman who made threats over apartment rights charged with extortion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A woman who threatened another with physical violence after she refused to pay money, has been charged with extortion. In a statement, the Attorney General reports that Yaneli V has been formally charged with extortion after threatening a woman.

An investigation of the September 11 incident lead police to Yaneli V. The unidentified victim reported receiving messages from someone demanding large payments for the right to an apartment.

When she refused to pay, the accused, with other individuals, visited her at her place of business where, the victim said, the woman again asked for money. The victim reported being threatened with physical harm if she failed to pay.

Prosecutors of the Public Ministry, based on the complaint presented by the victim, were successful in having Yaneli V charged with extortion. The FGE says a judge has ordered the accused to remain in custody for the duration of her trial.