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Water line maintenance complete for Cancun but records CFE failures in Playa del Carmen

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — After a 10 hour power outage in the main Aguakan pumping stations of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the company says their maintenance is finished.

In a statement, Aguakan reported “After 10 hours of power failure in the main Aguakan pumping stations and reservoirs as a result of the power outage scheduled by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) on April 19, Aguakan successfully completed maintenance work on the Cancun and Playa del Carmen lines.”

They said that work carried out by the CFE began at 9:00 in the morning Wednesday. Aguakan says they have since completed their maintenance, “at which time the concessionaire started up its electrical equipment to start re-pumping in their potable water reservoirs, which requires the service of the electric power provider.”

Aguakan says maintenance in both cities is finished, however, electrical failures continue in Playa del Carmen.
Photo: Aguakan April 19, 2023.

As of reporting time, Aguakan says that the pumps to both Cancun and Playa del Carmen have been restarted, but electrical failures by the CFE continue in Playa del Carmen. “In the particular case of Playa del Carmen, the CFE continues to report failures in its service, which results in a delay in starting up the water wells in this city.”

Meanwhile, in Cancun, residents can expect low pressure along the entire network in coming hours “due to the long distance that the water travels from the catchment area to all the addresses in the city,” Aguakan said.

“Maintenance is of the utmost importance and its objective is to improve the performance of the equipment and increase the efficiency and quality of the drinking water distribution service.

“Residents are reminded to make RATIONAL USE of the stored water in order to reduce or avoid inconveniences while finishing the work on behalf of CFE.”