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Veracruz police director, 12 others arrested for CJNG ties

Paso del Macho, Veracruz — The police chief of Paso del Macho in the state of Veracruz was arrested along with 12 others due to ties with the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). The arrests were made by elements of the Civil Force who report the detainment of Candelario N, who served as director of the municipal police of Paso del Macho.

The capture of the 13 occurred a few days after a security operation was launched in municipalities in the high mountains by the state secretary of Public Security, Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado. The director de la Policía Municipal de Paso del Macho Candelario N, was arrested along with two of his elements and 10 members of the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

In addition to the director of the municipal police, Candelario N, municipal officers Patricio N and Jesús N were also arrested along with José de Jesús N, Daniel N, Tomás N, Jair N, Moisés Alejandro N, José Carlos N, Gustavo Nicolás N, Gabriel N, Narciso N and Vadir Alexis N, all of them members of a criminal cell belonging to the CJNG which was protected by the municipal police.

Police director Candelario N and his two officers acknowledged that they were providing protection to the ten members of the criminal cell detained during the operation. The 13 are facing charges of drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion and the recent death of a fellow officer in the municipality of Río Blanco.

Upon their arrests by elements of the SSP and the National Guard, weapons, chargers, cartridges, tactical vests, drugs and vehicles were seized.