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Veracruz man jailed in Playa del Carmen after K9 police dog finds stash

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A narcotics dog has been credited with the discovery of a Veracruz man in possession of large amounts of narcotics. The Police K9 was with her handler in Colosio when they were flagged down by an area resident who reported him.

He told police the man was carrying a large bag that he believed to be drugs, since he went to a vacant lot where people passing by were sold narcotics. Using the description provided, police were able to locate the man.

He was marked positive for drug possession by the dog. A security inspection of 36-year-old Luis N from Veracruz revealed large quantities of drugs that included marijuana, crystal, powdered and crack cocaine. Police sized his narcotics and undisclosed amount of Mexican peso and American cash.