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Undersecretary of Transport says as long as Interjet owes it cannot fly

Mexico City, Mexico — As long as Interjet does not comply with the pending payments it has with its workers and suppliers, it cannot fly. The words of warning were made by Rogelio Jiménez Pons, the Undersecretary of Transport, who stressed that those outstanding payments also includes the Government of Mexico.

In an interview with El Financiero, Jiménez explained that although a possible return of the airline will not be hindered or the concession held by the company revoked, the government will not allow it to return without facing its liabilities, which adds up to more than 40 billion peso.

Interjet has not paid its workers since August of 2020, and has not flown since December 11 of the same year. The airline had also been on strike for more than 14 months with a precautionary embargo that prevents it from having control over the few assets that it has.

Despite having almost completely stopped its financial restructuring process, since there are no investors for the return of the airline, the son of the owner of Interjet, Carlos del Valle, has said that the airline has already requested the necessary authorizations to fly the new Saint Lucia Airport.

“We would like a project as important as Interjet to be regularized, but we must be clear. As long as they do not objectively come out of their precarious economic situation and do not comply with their payments, they will not be able to fly,” said Jiménez.

In January, a new airline by pervious Interjet heads emerged in Mexico. Aerala, a new airline of the former CEO of Interjet, was set up in October of 2021 with the intention of providing passenger, cargo, parcel and mail transport.