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Uber says reports of their return to Cancun are false

Cancun, Q.R. — Uber says that recent media reports of their returning to Cancun in March are false and that any such information was not provided by authorized Uber personnel.

The company has denied statements about their return to Cancun at the end of March, assuring that the information was not given by authorized personnel of the company. The public statement comes after several state media outlets claimed Uber has returned to operate in Cancun.

“In relation to the recent notes published by media in the state of Quintana Roo which states that Uber resumed operations in the state, we confirm that the information is completely false.”

While they say that Uber officials have visited the state on several occasions, there is no estimated date for the return to Cancun after aggressive attacks and the change in the state’s mobility law, a decision they are still waiting on.

In a public statement issued by the company, they said “We confirm that the only representative of the company authorized to offer statements to the media is Saúl Crespo, the Communication Manager of Uber.”

There has been widespread speculation as to the possible return of the ride-service in Cancun, but no official information has been provided.