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Two woman detained at border in ‘nothing to declare’ lane

Nogales, Sonora — Two women arriving into Mexico from the United States were taken into custody after being found with nine guns and the corresponding ammo. National Guard arrested the two women after Mexican Customs located what is being referred to as war material.

“In compliance with the National Public Security Strategy and the Zero Impunity policy of the federal government, in Sonora, members of the National Guard (GN), in coordination with the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), detained two women who intended to enter national territory with rifles, chargers and cartridges,” the agency reported in a statement.

The women were taken into custody in the vehicle inspection area at Garita 3 Mariposa located at the Nogales International Bridge, Sonora. They were arrested after personnel observed a U.S. plated truck traveling at a speed not allowed inside the compound. The truck entered the “nothing to declare” lane.

“The unit, manned by two women, received the green light at the Tax Traffic Light, exempting it from a customs inspection. However, authorities requested the vehicle stop “ in order to rule out the transport of undeclared merchandise, but they ignored it,” they said.

The truck with the two women was pulled over and inspected. Inside, Mexican Customs Agents located eight long weapons, five with a telescopic sight, one short weapon, 549 useful cartridges, 40 chargers and one rifle butt.