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Two waiting sentencing in Playa del Carmen kidnapping

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two men, who have been found guilty of kidnapping in a Playa del Carmen case from 2019, are waiting sentencing. The FGE reported the pair were found guilty of kidnapping a person from their workplace and holding them until a ransom was paid.

In a briefing, the State Attorney General explained that in October of 2019, the men “arrived armed aboard a taxi to a municipal public market in Solidaridad where the victim was working.

“At the scene, Luis “Z” and Jesús “A” threatened the victim and put him, against his will, in the car in which they arrived.

“Subsequently, they used a cell phone with which they made several phone calls to his employers, from whom they asked for a sum of money in exchange for his release.

“At the time when Luis “Z” and Jesús “A” received the payment for the victim’s release, they were detained by authorities.”

In their briefing, the FGE said that within the next several days, individual hearings will be held where the judge will announce their sentencing.