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Two teens arrested after shooting Cancun man during attempted mugging

Cancun, Q.R. — Two teens accused of shooting a Cancun man during an attempted mugging were arrested Wednesday. Their arrests took place in the morning from SM 235 after the report of an assault.

According to preliminary information, the two 16-year-olds are alleged to have attempted to rob a man but shot him when he resisted. The pair were reported by area residents who heard the gun go off and saw a wounded man laying on the street.

The shot man was able to tell police what happened, describing the two teens who assaulted him and providing a description of the taxi they used to flee the area. The pair were located in a moving cab as it left a convenience store on Rancho Viejo Avenue.

When requested to stop, the driver of the unit ignored police. The pair eventually hopped out of the cab at 67th Street where they were chased on foot and eventually captured. On them, police found a loaded handgun.