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Two rushed to Cancun hospital after a second attack against Puerto Morelos electoral candidate

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Two body guards were taken to hospital Friday night after being injured in a shooting against a Puerto Morelos electoral candidate. The private home of Blanca Merari Tziu in the town of Leona Vicario was sprayed with bullets by gunmen who then fled in a white Nissan March.

Merari Tzui was not injured in the attack, but her two bodyguards were. Protection detail Saavedra N and Novelo N were taken to hospital with undisclosed injuries. They have since been transferred to hospital in Cancun. Their conditions remain unknown.

With the help of witness descriptions, police were successful in locating the car believed used in the attack. The white March was found abandoned in Puerto Morelos. An announcement of arrests has not been made.

It is the second attack against Merari Tziu who is running for the mayor’s position of Puerto Morelos. On May 5, she was attacked by gunfire when three men shot against her car while she was driving. Although the gunmen fled, several weapons were found left near the scene.

Merari Tziu is the wife of Ignacio Sánchez Cordero who was also running for the mayor’s position when he was gunned down outside a Puerto Morelos restaurant February 24. He died from his injuries.

On Friday, the State Attorney General’s Office arrested one woman for questioning regarding the murder of Ignacio Sánchez Cordero, who at the time of his death, was the secretary of Social Development for Puerto Morelos. There have not yet been any formal charges in his death.